Seeds of change are in our hands.

Wild ideas are happening here

Our Great Parks were founded in 1930 by pioneers with the foresight to protect land from modern life. They knew something was at risk of being lost. It’s time for an upgrade to our wild infrastructure, and we’re leaning in! Today, we are putting wild, new ideas to work for everyone. The future of our Great Parks is in your hands. Will you help us plant this seed?

This is our moment

The past few years have reinvigorated our purpose. Now, we are refocusing our approach to put people at the heart of the conservation promise. We listened, we learned, and with new leadership—we’re ready to launch.

2018—Our community engaged in a visionary master plan process to design the next chapter.

2020—Our big lands boomed as the natural world rolled out an oversized welcome mat and exploded with possibility.

2021—Our neighbors rallied to pass a public levy and renewed a commitment to big dreams for big lands.

Egret flying after having plucked fish out of water

Go big on purpose

We have big plans for our big lands.

After 93 years, we are charting the future with a bright north star—introducing an approach that’s responsive to modern life. Through a comprehensive private-public funding strategy, we will position Great Parks as a regional pillar that activates big lands for all.

We are the only conservation agency that prioritizes people with a unique approach to achieving our vision—


Join us as we embark on the most ambitious campaign in Great Parks history.

Green acorn and oak leaves

Get involved

We believe everyone deserves the right to big land experiences.

More than a collection of parks, we are a community pillar ready to activate our acres as assets to position the region as a vibrant and healthy place to live, learn, work, and play.

We are always looking for strong partners to forge community- and regional-level intersections to amplify programming and measure outcomes.

Group leader and volunteers at a Great Parks of Hamilton County park