Winter Wonder


Winter Wonder

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Feel the wonder of nature as you leave the hustle and bustle of the season behind.

beaver working on his dam
Image courtesy of the National Park Service

Immerse Yourself in Nature

Start packing for an adventure like no other – experience big lands in winter. You don’t have to be an avid outdoorsman to see the wildlife that surrounds us in winter. Hit the trails to experience winter wonder at our 22 destinations across Hamilton County.

After a fresh snow, get out and look for animal tracks. Check out a field guide for identifying tracks, or learn how to spy signs of winter wildlife.

coyote prints in the snow

Go Birding

Without any leaves on the trees, winter is a great time of year for birding. Look for birds that don’t migrate during winter. Titmice, cardinals, Carolina wrens, and ovenbirds, among others, have all been spotted at Great Parks.

Winter is a great time to look for ducks and grebes that make southwest Ohio their seasonal home or look for the dark-eyed junco that can only be seen in Ohio during the winter.

dark eyed junco at sharon woods

Discover your hidden nature

Never before has our community been so aware of big land benefits. Out here, the transformative force of nature, that lives within us and around us, is activated. We’re putting the power of wild and the promise of well within reach.