Refresh With Forest Bathing


Refresh With Forest Bathing


Wooded trail with dappled sunlight on the floor of the forest

Go solo

Get grounded with forest bathing on our big lands!

Whether you come for rigorous exercise or to simply exhale, view the world from the perspective of being part of a humbling and healing woodland ecosystem.

Disconnect at Withrow Preserve to gain a sense of solace on the Trout Lily Trail, pay respect to the old oak and sycamore trees along the Little Miami River at Lake Isabella or kick up dirt on the 8 miles of mountain biking at Mitchell Memorial Forest.

Ask about the best trails for your skill and interest level, and we can show you the way to the sights and sounds of solo forest bathing.

Hiker walking on a log on a forest trail

Heal with history

Imagine life before modern times as you take in sweeping views, explore interesting historical sites and meditate in the wild to understand your place in nature and nature’s place in your life.

Feel a sense of stress relief as you touch the bark and leaves of old-growth trees at Kroger Hills, meditate your mind among history at Shawnee Lookout, or bring along some art supplies to document nature’s display at Woodland Mound.

Ask about our formal and informal yoga programming to engage with an experienced guide to wide-open wellbeing.

Woman doing yoga on a mat sitting on the grass

Lose signal to find yourself

Looking for a complete immersive experience?

Find high oxygen and huge disconnects in the deep woods, where you don’t have to go very far to lose mobile phone service and can leave the busy world behind.

Discover Richardson Preserve’s 400 acres, accessed only by foot, where you can backpack in to see rare plants, explore uneven terrain and creek crossings or visit the dense canopies of Miami Whitewater Forest on the Badlands Trail, and if you are really ready for off path — take to the forest by horseback in the most remote parts of the Horse Trail at Winton Woods.

Ask about how to get started with backpacking if you are new to it to ensure you have the knowledge, confidence and gear for a successful first adventure.

image of the sun filtered through maple leaves
Large oak tree viewed from its base.

Discover your hidden nature

Never before has our community been so aware of big land benefits. Out here, the transformative force of nature, that lives within us and around us, is activated. We’re putting the power of wild and the promise of well within reach.