Big Lands at Night


Big Lands at Night


Half moon with out of focus trees in the foreground


Stargazing is better far away from the city lights!

Whether you come equipped with your own telescopes and binoculars or with eyes wide open, you’re sure to have a new perspective of the universe when you can actually see it.

Novices and pros alike can get expansive dark sky views at Woodland Mound and Miami Whitewater Forest.

Ask about our stargazing programs and meteor shower events, and we’ll be there to share the sky with you.

Night sky with stars and visible constellations

Night Hikes

Take a night hike with your neighbors!

The sights and sounds of the natural world are different after dark, so go solo or bring a group to disconnect from blue lights and reconnect with shadowy (but not scary!) sights.

Night can mean pre-dusk — when the forest first comes alive with nocturnal noises, or footsteps-by-moonlight when your own innate senses awaken.

Ask about our night hike programs at Sharon Woods so you can start your after hours adventures with a trusted how-to-be-outside-after-dark guide.

Full moon in hazy dusky sky

Sleep under the stars

Fire pits, s’mores and stories – oh my!

Tuck yourself into wide open wellness with a camping trip that captivates and slows time for a guaranteed great time with friends or family.

Return to a primitive state of mind with any of our three immersive campground experiences — tent, RV or group.

Ask about how to make memories around the campfire in a new kind of “living” room at Winton Woods, Miami Whitewater Forest or Lake Isabella.

Marshmallows being roasted over a fire pit
Red and orange clouds at sunset

Discover your hidden nature

Never before has our community been so aware of big land benefits. Out here, the transformative force of nature, that lives within us and around us, is activated. We’re putting the power of wild and the promise of well within reach.